The First Beat is the Last Sound

  1. Assyrian Game0:00Buy Now

  2. Ripening Prelude0:00Buy Now

  3. The First Beat is the Last Sound0:00Buy Now

  4. Lisa Lan0:00Buy Now

  5. Suo Gan0:00Buy Now

  6. In the Grip, Part 1 (Homage to Philip Glass)0:00Buy Now

  7. White Cloud Blue Sky (Homage to John McLaughlin)0:00Buy Now

  8. Cantus Tintinnabulous (Homage to Arvo Part)0:00Buy Now

  9. In the Grip, Part 2 (Homage to Philip Glass)0:00Buy Now

  10. The Sound of One Hand Clapping (Homage to Steve Reich)0:00Buy Now

  11. Minimi (for 2 Guitars)0:00Buy Now

  12. This Marriage by Eric Whitacre0:00Buy Now

"The entrancing music that springs from this album, extracts and teases out the fragile way to convey a sense of nuance and mood; his feelings, his insights whilst not shying away from a bigger picture!

 So…..walking into the theatre foyer out of a misty and damp welsh march evening, I was anticipating a carefully prepared tour around the beauty of Wales where Gerard spent his formative years that would be tightly linked to the world that belongs to the mesmeric musical landscape of Gerard Cousins. His welsh heritage is never far away, having a profound influence in equal measure to the paintings, philosophies and parenthood that have latterly all been added! In the hushed setting of the acoustic auditorium, as in a good book-read where time is suspended and your imagination is set-free to indulge, Gerard’s performance becomes a gateway. He offers you, in that moment, to be lifted up and transported away from everyday mediocrity into the natural world of shadow and clarity, poignancy and harmony. It is easy to forget that I am hearing just one instrument and one man telling all these stories as the playing is so sweeping, so free and so intricate. Later on, before shuffling back out into the cold march night, it seems obvious to own his newest album; not only to identify and reflect upon life’s imponderables as with the gorgeous arrangements of the Welsh lullaby of Suo Gân or This Marriage but also importantly to be able to have the chance to revisit these places where we can roam, smile, dream and recreate time and time again a sense of well-being.

The First Beat is the Last Sound is a stunningly majestic sublime collection of inspired original material plus arrangements of known pieces that touches upon the beauty of this planet mostly subtly but occasionally with bold bravura flourishes announcing all that’s best yet brittle in humanity."

 Jeremy Creighton Herbert

Composer and creative director.