Sample Programmes

  • 'Brecon Baroque' Fringe Festival Programme (Oct. 2017)

    1 Hour of Early and Baroque Music

    Marco Dall’Aquila - Ricecar

    Francesco de Milano - Fantasia & Ricercar

    Luy de Narvaez - Guardame las Vacas

    Luis Milan - Fantasia 

    Dowland - Preludio

    Weiss - Sarabande

    Bach - Prelude from 1st Cello Suite 

    Scarlatti - Sonata K197 (transcribed by Gerard Cousins)

    Vivaldi  - Lute Concerto in D Major *

    Bach - Concerto in F from 16 Konzerte nach verschiedenen Meistern, BWV 978 *

    Vivaldi - Mandolin Concerto in C Major *

    * Jack Brookes - Harpsichord

  • 3 Visions

    '3 Visions' presents 3 x 25 minute programmes, which highlights the versitility of the guitar and is especially appealing to audiences that really appreciate the shorter 25 min format with breaks.

    1- South America

    Villa-Lobos - Preludes

    Lauro - 2 Venezuelan Waltzes

    Brouwer - Elogio de la Danza & Danza Altiplano

    Barrios - Vals Op.8 No.4

    2 - Philip Glass solo transcriptions (by Gerard Cousins)

    3 - Gerard Cousins' Original Compositions

    In the Grip (Homage to Philip Glass)

    White Cloud Blue Sky (Homage to Philip Glass)

    Cantus Tintinnabulous (Homage to Arvo Part)

    The First Beat is the Last Sound

    Ar Lan Y Mor - Phantasia on a Welsh Folk Song