Gerard Cousins Project

The 'Gerard Cousins Project' is a flexible ensemble put together by Gerard Cousins to perform his unique arrangements and compositions. This year the Project performed a tribute to Mile Davis with Gerard's re-interpretation of the classic 1969 album 'In A Silent Way'.

Lineup for Brecon Jazz Festival 2017: Gerard Cousins (classical guitar), Andy Nowak (piano and synth) David Cooper Orton (electric guitar), Dan Newberry (sax), Joel McIver (bass guitar), Tim Greany (drums)

Excerpts from a review of the 'Project's' Brecon Jazz Festival 2017 performance.

For his Brecon Jazz Festival performance Cousins chose to place his own stamp on the music of “In A Silent Way”, the album commonly regarded as signalling the beginning of Miles Davis’ “electric era”. Tellingly there was no trumpeter in the line up as Cousins sought not to copy the original but to stamp his own identity on the music.

As a technician Cousins was extremely accomplished and I was highly impressed with his playing.

The sextet’s performance contained all the beauty and mystery of the original and retained much of its spirit but the differing instrumentation brought something fresh and interesting to these now familiar pieces.

A rapt audience at a packed Guildhall listened to this uninterrupted performance with total focus, many of them rising from their seats at the end to give Cousins and his colleagues a tremendous reception. The warmth of the audience reaction was not only a response to the skilled playing of a local hero and his similarly talented colleagues, but also a tribute to the lasting impact of Davis’ original recording.